A faster, simpler way to get secure electronic signatures for all your documents.

Get important documents signed in minutes instead of days with VCO Sign, our hosted electronic signature software that's faster, cheaper and more secure than traditional signatures. Based on public key digital encryption technology for maximum security, VCO Sign electronic signatures save time and money by eliminating cumbersome printing, faxing and overnight delivery services. Pending documents are available in real time to all users through a simple online interface that lets you easily set up a document for signing, track who signed and when, and then store for future reference.

Turbocharge your pre-disclosure signing process!

  • VCO Sign signatures are digitally encrypted and harder to forge than a live signature
  • Save time, money and the environment with a completely paperless process
  • Track signatures and users throughout the entire signing process
  • Integrates seamlessly with VCO File, our powerful document management platform
  • Store all signed documents safely online
  • Access your signatures and documents from any web browser
  • Transfer your documents to certified eVaulting partners

How secure is a VCO Sign electronic signature?

VCO Sign uses technology called public key asymmetric cryptography. Every signer's identity is digitally encrypted within their electronic signature. Once signed, the document is essentially tamper-proof, as any attempt to alter it immediately invalidates the document. All VCO Sign documents offer non-repudiation, meaning a digital signer can't successfully challenge the validity of a contract that contains their digital signature.